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In the age of artificial intelligence, the usage of AI has increased tremendously in producing contextual content for any type of usage whether it is blog writing, ecommerce description, marketing campaign, health topis or anything else you can imagine of. This not just saved almost 75% of their time but also helped in giving them some good research data, statistics, and knowledgeable content that they were never able to remember all the time. However, every good thing has it side effects, so the AI has. It’s never advised to use the AI generated content by online content writer directly to your audience as it may lose the grip of audience by not offering the right context or valuable information you wanted to. It may also not cover all the point or may cover more than what you wanted. So, proofreading and editing your AI generated content for any topic is always one of the important things you should do before publishing it for your audience.


Let’s read through this article on when and how you should use your AI generated best writing assistant and how you should edit them.

1. Strategize to maximize your creativity

What is the expected outcome for your readers upon reading of your content? In what manner can you effectively convey that data in a distinctive manner and with the utmost significance? Artificial intelligence is intended to allow us more time to develop strategic plans and think innovatively about our content. So, lets think about that.


2. Be an authority


Most of the time you must have seen that AI fills you up with repetitive context, sentence and events in the content or article you are generating. Multilings is AI is not an immature API calls just made from OpenAi or ChatGPT or Bard but it’s the strong algorithm we have built which understand your requirement, gather information about what you generate and then produce the right data with highest quality. This increases your trust towards Multilings AI powered writing assistant online tools.

3. Focus to your audience

‍This is always a great thing to start. You should always know and define who your interest about the topic, your target audience, the persona around your perspective reader, and couple of important keywords that should rightly fit into that context you are planning to build.


4. Make the content more natural and humanly


‍Any AI-powered writing services that you are using should allow you to define some emotional and professional context in your article. Multilings online content writer offers you to define the tone, the style, and the humor for your subject and based on these information it produces an engaging content for your audience which looks humanly.  

5. Vary your language based on the context

As professionals, it is important to develop an engaging writing style that is free from excessive repetition. Let us strive to add a touch of humanity to our writing by incorporating a diverse range of vocabulary and expressions. This means using words and phrases in a human way that avoids monotony and keeps your audience captivated. One frequent issue found in AI models is the inclusion of excessive, extraneous words that do not enhance the central concept at hand. As professionals, it is important to consider the human aspect of writing and ensure that each word serves a purpose in conveying our ideas effectively.

By removing overly repetitive elements, you can enhance the clarity and impact of your writing, making it more relatable and effective. So, focus on creating an engaging way of humanly-writing, and you will see the difference it can make in your professional communications.

6. Elevate your sentence structure


The manner in which AI generates text can sometimes result in a repetitive sentence structure, which can make the text seem dull and uninteresting. As professionals, it is important to incorporate varying sentence structures into your writing to keep it interesting and engaging. By avoiding a repetitive structure, you can captivate your audience and make your message more impactful. Experimenting with different ways of expressing your thoughts can also help you convey your ideas more effectively. So, strive to diversify your sentence structures and enhance the appeal of your writing.

7. Maintain tone and voice consistency

Maintain a consistent tone and voice in your article so they voice out correctly for your audience.


8. Don’t worry about being perfect


Every piece will have its own unique flaws and imperfections. Embrace this reality and focus on creating engaging and impactful work. The subtle flaws within a piece of art can often enhance its uniqueness and charm.

9. Edit carefully (proofreading)

Make sure to fully engage with the information rather than just skimming over it. Make sure to thoroughly review every output and carefully examine for any awkward word choices, sentences, or other elements that may not feel completely polished. Maximize the effectiveness of your content by ensuring its flow is seamless and organic. It is crucial for professionals to diligently verify the information provided by an AI tool to guarantee absolute precision and timely updates.


Is it easy to spot an AI generated content?

It is not easy to spot AI generated content through any writing assistant online. Some of the tools are definitely available in the market which helps you detect the AI content but they are also not 100% accurate or not every time confident about the result produced. Even at one point of time OpenAI developed their own tool to detect AI generated content, but it also got failed at many occasions. So, the best way to detect or best way to refine an AI generated content is you as a human being have the super powerful brain, experience and facts to determine an AI content or to refine an AI generated content.

Hope you liked this article. Let’s explore our AI-powered Multilings Writing Assistant online content writer tools which will help you to create content in the best way it is possible and make it more natural and humanly to read. Our algorithm is so much powerful that helps you to give you the right content when you need it. 

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