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Jasper Cons

Ease of use – Jasper is not easy to use. Sometimes, I find difficulty in finding something or generating relevant content. Sometimes, I also find small bugs. For example, a day ago I generated some content through their blog tool but forgot to save it. Now I can’t find the content I generated. However, these days all the apps or web applications keep saving data as you go and you never lose your work.

Dull interface – This is my personal opinion and it can definitely vary from user to user. According to me the user interface is very dull while the website is very attractive. They should do something to make the user interface more interactive and attractive. I would also love to see a dark theme for the Jasper user interface/dashboard.

Pricing – The pricing of Jasper subscription is a bit expensive compared to other competitors in the market. Their monthly subscription cost is $49.00/month which is almost double the cost from some competitors.

Some important actions, such as instant generation of full-length articles (up to 2400 words), complete article rewrites, paragraph rewrites, batch content generation by taking input from 1000s of generations at a time, and social media features such as Twitter tweets and Linkedin post generation, aren’t possible with Jasper.

Some other significant drawback of Jasper AI is its lack of editing capability after producing content. While they do provide an editor, its not perfect. You’re restricted to writing 100~ words at once—an inadequate feature for crafting SEO-optimized articles or manually improving low-quality generated content.

Jasper Pros

Brand Voice – Jasper Ai is trained to produce the content based on the brand voice and tone, style you choose while generating the content. This makes the outcome personalized to the user and gives a good brand value for all the content produced by Jasper.

Browser Extensions – Jasper AI has developed browser extensions that can be installed to its user’s browser which can help user to produce content without even going to Jasper interface.

API access – Now Jasper has also developed the API calls for the outside world where third party companies or jasper users can use these api calls to produce the result they want for their audience.

50+ Writing templates – Jasper excel in making different writing templates based on different use case. They have developed a set of writing templates for different user base like Marketing, Promotion, Social media, Amazon Marketplace and so on.

Good help documents and videos – there a lot from Jasper. They have very useful documents and videos which will help you to learn their tools.

Multilings Pros

Powerful products – compared to Jasper Ai Multilings has more products than Jasper. Multilings has a brilliant product for language translation nd processing which helps you translate your text, documents, files, or audios to text, documents, and audios. It supports almost 75 different languages for the input and output of translation. The second product is the Plagiarism Checker. The Plagiarism checker helps you check your content against any content available outside the world. It checks publications, websites and other online content and give you the result for your content. The third product is Citation Generator which helps you cite the content you are using with the exact source from where it was produced. It also supports all the standard formats like IEEE, MLA or APA etc. Our fourth product is the heart of Multilings and is called “Writing Assistant”. You going to love every portion of this product whether its look and feel, ease of use, features and functionality options or the templates offered. The inhouse algorithm is written so strongly to produce the best result you are looking for.

Continuous research and development to make the product better – we have got huge experience in developing AI tools and backing up with our own algorithms to make the content valuable for you. We have a team of specialist who works with their best abilities to develop and maintain this product with their best.

Super useful user interface dashboard – From the login screen to any other screen you are working on, you are going to like everything we have made. The color combination is very professional and soothing to your eyes, the layout of everything is reengineered based on today’s audience and everything else is so interactive that you never need a technical document or support staff to understand it. Everything is self-explanatory.

Reasonable pricing – When it comes to pricing, Multilings try to keep it most reasonable based on the product features offered and compared to competitors. We have a lifetime free account which helps you keep trying all the features we have. It gives you 5000 tokens/ credits every month. However, our lowest monthly plan starts from $14.99 a month compared to Jasper which is 49.00/ month.

Multilings AI uses several large language models like GPT-4 technology to generate unique and non-duplicative content. This ensures your articles are free from any plagiarism risk – a critical feature for any dedicated content creator. On top of it, Multilings has its own Plagiarism checker engine which can further check the content if there is any plagiarism involved.

Multilings AI’s cutting-edge content editor is equipped with features for post-editing text, making the creation of a comprehensive blogs and articles as easy as inputting a few keywords! Within minutes, you can create an engaging long article.

Excellent technical support – we have an in-house support team that is well-versed with everything you need.

Multilings Cons

Browser extension – at the moment we do not have a browser extension. We are working on this to launch soon.

Api access – We are also making sure to make an API library for all our users and partners so they can use or integrate Multilings with their products or services in the future. This feature may launch soon.


According to this article and my own experience, what I think is Jasper is a mature product which gives generates AI based content for their users with their preference like brand tone, brand voice and style. However, Multilings is an innovative brand which gives all important products to its user for a better content solution in every respect. For example you can translate your content from native or any language to any language, you can check the plagiarism in your content or cite different content from different source or you can use our most innovative product called “Writing Assistant” to generate to super ai based, backed with our inhouse strong algorithm and generate the content you want. So, Multilings is a one stop solution for all your content demand.

Subscribe a full product for just $19.99/month for as long as you want.