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Multilings AI Chatbot

Multilings AI Chatbot

Multilings AI Chatbot is one of the innovative products we have recently launched. The AI Chatbot helps you to use some predefined prompts and then generate content or you can create your own prompts based on your or your department’s needs and use them anytime you want. For example, if you are a dietitian and want to prescribe a diet plan to your patients based on their current and part histories, likes and dislikes, allergies, etc, you can do so, and then you can utilize it for n number of different patients.

Features of "Multilings AI Chatbot"

Ask any question from the Chatbot

Use predefined prompts

Create your own custom prompts

Save the prompts for future use

How does “Multilings AI Chatbot” work?

Step1: Login to your Multilings accounts

Click on Ai Chat

Use the predefined prompts

Create a custom prompt

Use a custom prompt

Repeat this process

AI Chatbot FAQs

Is your AI Chatbot free?

Yes. Multilings AI Chatbot is absolutely free and we are planning to keep it free for always.

How many AI Chatbot custom prompts I can create?

As many as you can. You can create different custom prompts based on your or your department’s needs.

What type of chat prompts I can create?

You can create any type of chat prompt. It is generally focused on reducing your effort for doing the same work again and again. For example, if you give a custom diet plan to your patient and you do it to 50 different patients every day, Multilings Ai Chatbot can help you reduce 75% of your efforts in doing the same job you were doing manually.

Can I suggest some more features for this tool?

of course yes, please suggest any of the ideas or features of the wishlist you have for any of our products. You can email hello@multilings.com

I loved your AI Chatbot, I want to invite my friends to use it. Do you have a refer-a-friend thing?

– Yes. In the Multilings dashboard, you will see a button on the top right navigation to refer Multilings to your friends. Please use that button to refer to your friend. Oh! You get a reward when you do that. Enjoy.