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What's Writing Assistant

An AI-based machine learning technology built specifically for all your writing needs. Paraphrase, rephrase, generate fresh articles, write emails, press release, or write SEO related meta keywords, titles, short descriptions, ecommerce product and category descriptions and so on.

Writing Assistant Tools

Get 20+ tools to generate and write effective AI-powered content. More AI-based Writing tools coming soon.

Generate Articles

Generate ai and machine learning based articles for your audience. Set your audience, tone, complexity and quality of the article.


If you already have some content or want to write something and then want to paraphrase or rephrase them, use Paraphrasing.

Generate Titles

Generate next generation and latest trend based titles for any subject or content you have. Set the tone and audience for these titles.

Generate Summaries

Generate summaries for any content you have. Our ai-based machine learning process makes it easier to generate any type of summaries.

Generate Essays

Have subject for essays? Don’t worry our ai-based natural machine learning engine will make your essays look professional and to the point for your audience.

Generate Emails

Generate super content rich welcome, cancelation or confirmation etc emails from our ai-based neural engine.

Social Media Posts

Social media post generator for twitter, linkedin, facebook or Instagram etc based on latest trend and topics.

Creative Stories

Have a story idea in your mind? Use this tool to generate creative story for kids. Option to set tone, audience type and other features.

Generate Product Descriptions

Generate product descriptions for your ecommerce or brick or mortar stores.

Press Release

Create press release articles for any new release of you products, having a new partnership or so on.

Generate About us

Generate about us for a company by giving some details like type of company, product lines, geographic locations etc.

Generate Business Names

Want to find some latest business names for your new business venture? Use our ai-based tool to generate innovative, catchy names.

Generate Product Names

Want to find some latest Product names for your new business venture? Use our ai-based tool to generate innovative, catchy names.

Generate Startup Ideas

Generate latest trendy startup ideas based on the interest you have. Our ai-based engine produced some mind-blowing startup ideas for you.

Generate Headlines

Generate headlines for any news, topics, or story. Our ai-based neural machine will give the best headlines based on your need.

Generate Testimonials/ Reviews

Generate no. of attractive testimonials based on a product or service through our ai-based machine learning process.

Generate Meme

Unleash Your Creativity and Spread Joy with Hilarious Memes Using Our Generator.

Generate Rhyme

Unlock the power of words, let our rhyme generator be your muse, creating poetic beauty you can’t refuse.

Generate Tagline/Slogan/Hookline

Craft Memorable Taglines That Leave a Lasting Impression – Try Our Tagline Generator Today!

Generate Ads

Discover the ultimate solution for all your productivity needs. Try our revolutionary tool today!

Generate Meta Description

Boost your website’s visibility with a compelling meta description generator.

Generate Paragraph

Unlock the power of instant paragraph generation: Say goodbye to writer’s block and unleash your creativity with our AI-powered paragraph generator

Generate HashTags

Amplify your social media presence with our powerful hashtag generator, unlocking greater visibility and engagement

Generate SEO Keywords

Generate effective SEO keywords: Improve visibility and drive organic traffic.

Generate How it Works

Experience seamless productivity as our innovative solution streamlines tasks and empowers you to achieve more.

AI Chat Bot

Need help? I’m here to make your life easier. Just ask me anything, and I’ll do my best to assist you.

Landing Page

“Experience The Magic of Nature With Us! Indulge in The Wonders of Nature – Come Join Us Today!

Generate Short Video Script

Transform Your Life with the Power of Video. Revolutionize Your Lifestyle- Unlock Your Potential with Video.

Amazon Product Description

Bring Home Life’s Essentials” with Amazon’s Widest Range of Innovative Products.

Compare Products/Services

Ready to Make Comparisons? Check Out These Amazing Product and Service Comparisons!

Amazon Product Features

Experience Shopping Unrivaled with Amazon’s Impressive Product Features.

Marketing Ideas

Turning Your Big Ideas into Big Success: Proven Strategies for Marketing Your Business.

FAQ Generator

Unlock the Power of Automating Your FAQs with our Simple-to-Use FAQ Generator!


Experience Perfectly Polished Writing with Our Professional Proofreader. Elevate the Quality of Your Content with Professional Proofreading

Before-After-Bridge Framework

Cross the Bridge to a Brighter Future with the Before After Bridge Framework! Start Moving On the Right Path with the Before After Bridge Framework

Engaging Questions

Sparking Conversation: 7 Thought-Provoking Questions to Ask Tonight! Unlock the Answers to Your Burning Questions Now!

Video Captions

Create Captions for Your Videos Easily! Make Adding Captions to Your Videos a Breeze—No Hassle, No Worries!

Youtube Video Description

How to Boost Your Youtube Video Engagement. Secrets to Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Your Youtube Videos!

Request New Tool

“Didn’t find the tool you were looking for?” Request a new tool

How does it work?

Simple, powerful Writing interface

Simply login to our online app, go to Writing assistant

Select your desired tool

Now, click on your desired tool, for example if you want to generate a story, click on Creative Stories.

Give Instruction to AI

Now fill in some important instructions for the story and click on “Generate” button.

Introducing Your Story

Here is your story now

Who's this for?


Good to start with. All Features Included.

$107.99 / year

    Total Characters: 200000

    Bonus Characters: 100000

    Products Included:

    • Writing Assistant
    • Language Translator
    • Plagiarism Checker
    • Citation Generator
    • No sub users
    • Grammar checking
    • Audio i/o
    • Narrator
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Best for professionals. All tools included.

$323.99 / year

    Total Characters: 600000

    Bonus Characters: 200000

    Products Included:

    • Writing Assistant
    • Language Translator
    • Plagiarism Checker
    • Citation Generator
    • No sub users
    • Grammar checking
    • Audio i/o
    • Narrator
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Best suited for professionals and teams.

$539.99 / year

    Total Characters: 1000000

    Bonus Characters: 300000

    Products Included:

    • Writing Assistant
    • Language Translator
    • Plagiarism Checker
    • Citation Generator
    • Sub users
    • Grammar checking
    • Audio i/o
    • Narrator
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    Writing Assistant FAQ

    Q. Can I use Multilings' writing assistant to write long articles (more than 1000+ characters)?

    A. Yes, you can use Writing Assistant to generate long articles of more than 1000 characters.

    Q. What type of content I can write through Writing Assistant?

    A. You can create or generate Articles, Essays, Short Stories, e-commerce product descriptions, e-commerce category descriptions, paraphrasing, Summaries, emails, social media posts, press releases, about us, business startup ideas, and many other tools.

    Q. Is the Multilings generated content original?

    A. ll the generated content is done by our Artificial Engine powered by OpenAI. The content is totally driven based on artificial and machine learning logic.

    Q. Is Writing Assistant from Multilings, free?

    A. Yes, we have a one-month free trial on all our plans. In all our free trials there is no feature restrictions, you can access everything.

    Q. How long it takes to produce an article through "Writing Assistant"?

    A. It hardly takes a few seconds to generate your content whether it is articles, short stories, essays, product descriptions, or seo data.

    Q. Who is this Writing Assistant for?

    A. If you are a Writer, Content Creator, Marketer, Professor, Researcher, or student – this Writing Assistant is for you.