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Now it’s the time when you delegate your work to tools built through AI. Generating titles or headlines is no more a big think tank work. You can put some minimal details to an ai writing tools and get multiple suggestions for the titles and headlines which you can use in your content writing work.

Creating big marketing campaign is as important as creating blog content at scale. Both these things need lots of titles and headlines to be included in the content. Many times, content writer keeps writing the content and make their titles and headlines at the last, based on the content they have written.

However, when all these things become the part of your daily life, producing more quality content in a lesser time is the biggest challenge that everybody face. To solve this problem now artificial intelligence is doing a bigger role in helping you doing all these stuff in 1/1000th faction of that time.

However, this is always a question which AI tool you should use to do this stuff as the competition is high and there are 100 different AI writing and content generating tools available in the market. Some are really good, and some are time wasters. Let’s explore this topic to understand more about this and choosing the right AI writing tools for your next assignments.

10 Best Headline and Title Generators: Multilings title generator vs others

1. Multilings

Multilings can help you create powerful headlines along with rest of your article or blog content and make it catchier. We have a tool built for just generating titles and headlines. You can simply put some basic information and generate so many titles based on the ideas you have provided.

We have two separate tools for generating Titles and Headlines.

Source: Multilings


  • Uses the tone of voice you have defined on a particular title or take it from your company’s tone of voice.
  • Uses the latest AI trend and technology to create human-like writing.
  • Offers a wide range of AI copywriting tools and features.
  • Multilings is lifetime free to try.


  • Requires sign up to Multilings.
  • Some premium features are only available to paid plans.

Price: It’s always free, but some premium plans start at $19.99/mo

2. Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator

Source: HubSpot

HubSpot is a big name in the industry and recently they have revolutionized their products and services by implement AI features into it.

You can use HubSpot’s blog idea generator to generate titles easily through the application.


  • Create multiple batches of titles at once with up to 5 different keywords provided to their ai tools for content writing
  • Generates more than 200 options for you to download.
  • Their product interface is simple and powerful.


  • They only give a total of 5 ideas online.
  • Less options to generate the ideas.

Price: Free

3. Topic blog idea generator

Topic’s blog idea generator through their ai writing tools, explores the web to suggest the titles based on the latest trends in the market. This helps in making great conversions. Once you create a content brief, next you can see the topic headlines for covering the summary of those topics.

Source: Topic


  • Generates introduction for your blog content.
  • Uses OpenAi’s ChatGPT 3 and ChatGPT 4 integrations technology.
  • Integrates well with Topic to create content briefs.


  • You will need to signup.
  • Can only produce one idea at a time

Price: Free

4. SEO Pressors blog title generator

Source: SEO Pressor

SEO pressor’s blog title generator help you choose different settings like keywords, terms, product, person, event, industry, location or skills for a customized fresh title suggestion.


  • Creates titles and headlines based on the data you have provided. Mainly the keywords.
  • Gives you many suggestions for the titles.
  • No sign up or registration required.


  • Shows 5-6 titles at a time.

Price: Free

5. The HOTH title generator

Based on your keywords, target audience, goals, common problems and industry, HOTH generates the titles based on these criteria provided at the time of title creation. It generates 10 titles at a time for your blog or article at a time.

Source: The HOTH


  • Custom headlines based on the input.
  • You can generate as many headlines as you want


  • They show too many ads which can easily distract you from your work.

Price: Free

6. Content Row Headline Generator

Source: Content Row

You can generate 5 free headlines or titles based on your keywords. Once you setup your account with them, you can select different style of headlines like clickbait, evergreen, seasonal or topical.


  • Five headlines at a time
  • Give scoring for your headlines.
  • Free plans have good features and functionalities


  • No customization available in the free plan
  • Limits to generate headlines for a free account.

Price: Free, $18/mo. for PRO

7. BlogAbout Headline Generator

Blogabout is also an ai tools for content writing which helps you to generate blog titles, headlines etc based on your target audience.

Source: BlogAbout


  • Suggest theme-based blog titles and templates
  • Provide a doodle page to beat writers’ block.


  • Only one template
  • Does not implement your keywords in your titles.

Price: Free

8. Portent’s title maker

Source: Portent

You can create catchy and impressive titles with Portent’s content idea and title maker generator. One of the best AI writing tools which helps you understand every part of the headline which helps you learn along the way as you progress further to generate the final title or headlines.


  • You can save your work and return later.
  • Each part of the headline is clickable.


  • Just one suggested title at a time

Price: Free

9. CoSchedule blog headline generator

AI writing tools

This is our 9th spot in the list and this tool deserves this place to be under 10. This is one of the best AI writing tools, its headline analyzer grades the resulted headline based on different search matrix. Each headline that you generate, you can see the words generated, characters and more to decide if it is the best title or headline for you to use in your content.

Source: CoSchedule


  • Headline is graded under a scale of 100.
  • Shows you a suggestion of powerful words.


  • You have to create your own headlines first.

Price: Free trial, plans start at $9/mo

10. FatJoe’s title and headline generator for blogs

Source: FatJoe

This is last in this list. You will only need to enter the keywords and you get 10 suggestions for the titles. If you want more, just sign up and you can create 100 more headlines which can be sent to your email anytime you want.


  • Generates 10 headlines or titles at time.


  • Requires free signup for 100 or more suggestions.

Price: Free

Why should you use title generator from your AI writing tools?

If creating content is part of your job or if you are a marketer, a creator, an entrepreneur, you probably must work on generating content on your own. Title or headline is one of the important aspects of any content you generate. To make it easy these days, there are 100 different AI powered writing tools and among them Multilings AI Writing assistant is one of the best.

1. Headline generator tools save time

The one of the most important benefits of using any online ai tools for content writing is to save the time invested in thinking or writing these headlines. You can produce 100 different ideas for the title of your next topic in just a few seconds.

2. Support the brainstorming process

It supports brainstorming for your content. If you are a writer or content creator brainstorming is the common term that you live with. By generating useful, trendy and catchy titles through these AI tools help you do brainstorming for the rest of your content based on these titles.

How to create powerful titles and headlines readers remember

Writing good titles is as important as the content of your whole article or story or blog. You should always keep the creativity, the brand tone, the emotions and many more other factors to produce the titles to catch the eyes of your readers.

In today’s competitive digital landscape, writing a stellar headline has become an art form; one that can make or break your chances of impressing both readers and search engines alike. A good headline serves as a powerful magnet, effortlessly attracting the attention of your target audience and compelling them to indulge in your carefully crafted content.

It holds the key to unlocking the gateway of engagement, inviting readers to embark on a journey of discovery. But it doesn’t stop there! A well-crafted headline also communicates with search engines, whispering sweet nothings that entice them to crawl through your content, elevating your rankings and ensuring your voice is heard above the noise.

What are the important points you should consider before producing good headlines or titles for your content:

1. Keep the headline very specific to the paragraph you covering next to it.
2. It should be written with honesty and avoid clickbait.
3. Longer headlines perform better. You should keep headlines under 12-18 words.
4. Headlines should include emotional, psychological, powerful and trendy words to catch the eyes of the reader.

Some examples good titles or headlines

Here are some of the examples based on different facts that are readable, catchy and emotional.

In the below headline you see that it takes care about emotions, comparison of different dogs, type of dog breed (pet or security or wild) and their behavior in the family.

10 best calm pet dogs breeds with mixing personalities

Best use case of a product

Best DIY methods to maintain your car by yourself

How to titles

How to start a profitable exotic fruit and vegetables farm business?

Comparisons titles

Multilings Vs Others: which is one is the best ai content writing tool these days?

How to use Multilings AI writing tools to generate best titles and headlines?

Step 1: 
Once you signup, Login to your Multilings app interface and click on Writing Assistant from the left navigation.

Step 2:
Now on the right side you will see the full of AI writing tools we have created so far. Click on Title Generator to generate a title or click on Headline generator to generate a headline.

Step 3:
Once you are on title or headline line generator page, please choose the specific settings like brand tone etc and input the keywords. Once done, simply click on “Generate” button.

Step 4:
The best suggested titles based on the current trend, your inputs, brand tone etc is now there in the result box. Feel free to use them.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope that this article helped you understanding the power of title or headline in your content and how you can save time and generate latest, trendy, emotional or subjective titles and headlines through AI writing tools these days.

Let’s see you on the next topic soon.