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What is Multilings?

Multilings offers an exceptional selection of products to enable its users to produce artificial intelligence-driven content, translate content from one language to another, scan for plagiarism in content, and discover citations for any external contributions. Our powerful in-house ai-powered algorithm produces content that precisely meets the desired requirements. This AI-powered tool is immensely helpful for content writers, freelance writers, students, educators, digital marketers, and researchers, allowing them to complete their work in an efficient, impactful manner while saving time and energy.

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Content Writers, Market Researchers, Professors, Teachers and Students

For Marketers

Want to write effective emails, professional messages, audience based articles for your customers? Our set of tools going to help you do more in a very effective way.

For Content Writers

Is content writing your profession? Use our productive tools to write compelling content which is not just good for humans to read but also for search engines.

For Researchers

If you are researching and writing on a subject, our highly useful productive tools may help you with plagiarism, good tone and mood-based writing and so on.

For Teachers

Write effectively on any subjects, thesis, use our neural ai and machine learning based tools to help you write fresh content based on your audience, mood and level of simplicity.

For Students

Our Writing Assistant, Plagiarism, Translation and other useful tools may help you do your assignments, writing essays, project reports and so on in a more effective way.

For Non-native Professional

If you are a non-native speaker i.e. you speak a different language but work in a different language, our set of tools going to help you a lot to do your work on the other language you want.

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Our Testimonials

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Multilings Testimonial User

Testimonial 2

This is an awesome product. I create promo in a multi-language area, and I'm often tasked with creating pieces that need to be in multiple languages. Previously, I would have to out-source this to Fiverr or some other service. Now I can offer this service fully in-house (and save a bunch of money). I am so excited to see more feature like Translate Speech and more tools like content checker, synonyms and grammar correction tools.

Content Writer
Multilings Testimonial User

Testimonial 1

I'll be using it a lot, since I work in the publishing industry and we were searching for an accurate tool to translate short stories into other languages. With Multilings, we've been able to do so, and to spend less time "adapting" the translation. It's a lot more intuitive about the context of the phrases than other tools out there. What an app have you created! It`s amazing and works so fast and precisely. Also, tried their customer service, awesome on time experience. I highly recommend Multilings to my friends and coworkers.

Content Writer

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General FAQ

Is Multilings reliable?​

Yes. Multilings reliability is guaranteed. Our uptime record, best security practices and human natural based outputs from our tool makes us a very reliable solution for our customers.

Is Multilings output human natural?​

Yes. Our advanced neural based system and artificial intelligence enables our engine to give you the best and closest result as closed as a human like output.

How effective is Multilings?​

Yes. Using Multilings tool can give you 1000x returns of your investment. All our powerful AI based tools help you accomplish your work in the most efficient way.

Is Multilings pricing cheap?

Sorry, our pricing is not cheap, but we are reasonable. The number of tools and solutions that we provide to our customers are more than what our competitors are giving and still the pricing is more reasonable than our competitors.

Will my remaining account credits be carried over to the next billing cycle?

No. The remaining credits (character limits, tokens etc) will not be carried/rollover to the next period.

What if I upgrade my account, will be remaining credits be added to the upgraded account?

Yes. In case you upgrade your account during your current active month, all your remaining credits will be added to the upgraded account. However, from the next billing cycle, only the credits of the exiting plan will be allocated.

What if I upgrade from free trial to paid plan, will my credits roll over?

No. Once you come to the paid plan, your credits will be allocated according to your plan.