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We do not sell any data to anyone for any purposes. Your privacy is our top priority.
The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you of the means that Multilings uses to process your personal data, while respecting your rights. It is possible to use Multilings sites or products without sharing personal data, but some features require a mandatory registration for which the identifier is a validated email address or Apple ID.

1. Acceptance of rules concerning the use of personal data

By using any of the Multilings sites or products, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these rules regarding the use of personal data. If you disagree with them, please do not access the Multilings sites.

2. Nature of personal data

a. Registration data

The registration data corresponds to the fields you fill in when you create or update your Multilings account.
A validated, personal and not “temporary” email address is mandatory. Other data may be requested on an optional basis, such as your first name, last name, occupation, language, date of birth.
First and last names are considered private data. They will be available publicly if you contribute to the collaborative dictionary or on the Expressio website. If you do not want to make this data publicly available, it is up to you not to enter your first and last name. In this case, only your username will be displayed.

b. Usage data

Usage data is automatically stored when you navigate on Multilings’s websites in order to provide you with a personalized experience. For example, Multilings Translator is automatically set on the last language pair you used, Multilings Documents allows you to see the list of translation jobs you have performed with details such as the date, source language, target language, number of words, etc. This information also allows Multilings Documents to calculate the remaining credits on your account. Without such collected information, Multilings may not be able to provide you with the best user experience on its websites.

c. Activity data

When you are not logged in, no personal data is stored by Multilings.
When you are logged in on Multilings’s Translation, Conjugation or Speller sites, no personal data is collected either.

d. User Contributions

Users wishing to improve Multilings’s services can choose to contribute to the collaborative dictionary, send their suggestions, revisions and feedback. Their inputs are then stored by Multilings and associated to their account.

3. Purposes of the collection of personal data

The Multilings services process personal data in order to enable users to take full advantage of the services offered and to enable the Multilings team to improve them.
The use of this data allows, among other things, any Multilings user to:
• benefit from an optimized experience
• retain their history, favourites and preferences
• contribute to collaborative tools or provide feedback
• receive responses to written requests made via the Multilings contact form
• receive invoices for payments
• receive updates on new or existing features & Multilings products
• receive personalized learning content
• store, edit or revise translated documents
And it allows Multilings to:
• optimize the different functionalities of each site
• measure the audience of Multilings sites
• send email communication about new or existing functionalities of Multilings’s products and services

4. Recipients of the collected data

The data collected during the registration or use of the sites are exclusively intended for the staff of Multilings, its subcontractors and service providers, the companies of the same group, and other companies or persons of trust that process them on our behalf, according to our instructions, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and in compliance with any other appropriate security and confidentiality measures.
They may, however, be disclosed pursuant to a law, regulation or decision of a competent regulatory or judicial authority.

5. Retention of personal data

Personal data will be stored as long as your account is active or as long as you use Multilings’s sites.
You can choose to delete your search history or your translated Documents and Translation Memories on Multilings, which will permanently delete them from our servers.
Multilings takes all necessary precautions, organisational and technical measures to ensure the confidentiality of information stored on Multilings sites. Email addresses and personal data (except activation of the public profile and public contributions) of registered users do not appear at any time.
Multilings reserves the right to prosecute anyone who attempts to access personal information that does not concern them.

6. Rights and responsibilities of users

The user remains responsible for the content he publishes on the Multilings sites and for managing their password.
The user agrees that they are solely responsible for the content sent, displayed or downloaded during the use of the services. The user agrees not to use the Services in any way that violates applicable laws, including but not limited to anti-spam laws and regulations, relating to confidentiality, and agrees to be solely responsible for compliance with all such laws and regulations. The user further agrees not to use the Services to communicate any message or material harassing, defamatory, threatening, obscene, indecent, that violates the intellectual property rights of any third party or is otherwise illegal, incurs civil liability, or constitutes or encourages conduct that may constitute a criminal offence, under any applicable law or regulation.
Where appropriate, Multilings reserves the right to take appropriate measures, including prosecution.

7. Cookies

a. Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that websites send to a user’s computer or other Internet-connected device to uniquely identify the browser or to store information or settings in this browser. They are created when the browser loads a given website: the website sends information to the browser, which then creates a text file. Each time the user returns to the same site, the browser retrieves this file and sends it to the website server.
We can distinguish several types of cookies, which do not have the same purposes: technical cookies, advertising cookies and affiliate cookies:
• Technical cookies are used throughout your browsing, in order to facilitate and perform certain functions. A technical cookie can, for example, be used to remember the answers given in a form or the user’s preferences regarding the language or presentation of a website, when such options are available.
• Advertising cookies can be created not only by the website on which the user is browsing, but also by other websites broadcasting advertisements, ads, widgets or other elements on the page displayed. These cookies can be used to carry out targeted advertising, that is, advertising based on the user’s navigation.

b. Specific cookie used for statistical purposes

For reasons related to the technology used by one of our service providers, a visit to the Multilings sites may result in the use of a specific cookie for statistical analysis and audience measurement of the Multilings sites.
The Multilings sites use Google Analytics, a statistical website audience analysis tool provided by Google Inc.and Quantcast Measure, a statistical website audience analysis tool provided by Quantcast Inc. Google Analytics and Quantcast Measure use cookies to measure the number of visits to the Multilings websites, the number of page views and the activity of visitors. Google Analytics and Quantcast Measure also collect your IP address to determine the city you are connecting from.
Google Analytics Terms and Conditions are available at – https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/terms/us/

8. Amendments

Multilings reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change this Privacy Policy at any time, in whole or in part. These amendments will come into effect upon the publication of this new policy. If we make significant changes to this Policy, we will inform you of these changes through appropriate notifications.
If you disagree with the revised Privacy Policy, you can delete your Account and refrain from accessing any of the Multilings sites. Otherwise, your continued access to the Multilings sites will constitute recognition and acceptance of the new Privacy Policy.

9. General Questions

Will my remaining account credits be carried over to the next billing cycle?
No. The remaining credits (character limits, tokens etc) will not be carried/rollover to the next period.
What if I upgrade my account, will be remaining credits be added to the upgraded account?
Yes. In case you upgrade your account during your current active month, all your remaining credits will be added to the upgraded account. However, from the next billing cycle, only the credits of the exiting plan will be allocated.
What if I upgrade from free trial to paid plan, will my credits roll over?
No. Once you come to the paid plan, your credits will be allocated according to your plan.