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Multilings Grammar Checker

Multilings Grammar Checker

Multilings Grammar Checker tool is the latest launched tool in the beta phase. It helps you to check your content against any grammatical errors like punctuation, prepositions, sentence formation, or spelling mistakes.

Features of "Grammar Checker" tool

Check Short paragraphs

Check long paragraphs

Spelling check

Punctuation check

Sentence formation

Paragraph suggestion

Correcting tool

How does “Grammar Checker” tool work?

Step1: Login to your Multilings accounts

Click on the grammar checker from the left navigation

Select the language of your text

Input your text

Click on Check Grammar

Fix your errors

Grammar Checker FAQs

Can I use this tool while writing content or articles through Writing Assistant?

Yes. On some of our toolsets under Writing Assistant, we have already included the grammar checker functionality. We are working on including this on some remaining tools. We will update you soon about this.

Can I paraphrase my content?

Yes, you can use one of our sentence formation suggestions or rephrase your content entirely through our paraphrasing tool available under the Grammar Checker.

Do you have a browser extension for your grammar checker tool?

Unfortunately, not at this moment. However, we are working hard to launch our browser extension tool to utilize Mutlilings products and features.

Can I suggest some more features for this tool?

Of course yes, please suggest any of the ideas or features of the wishlist you have for any of our products. You can email hello@multilings.com

Is this a free tool or a paid one?

Yes. This is a free tool and we are planning to keep it free for always. Enjoy.