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V1.0 Date: Nov 07, 2023


Multilings Writing assistant is the heart of Multilings product line. This is an AI-powered product which has 50+ templates (adding more) help you to create content for different requirements. You can utilize the Writing Assistant to produce articles, blogs, memes, taglines, video script, short stories, and many more other contents. Whether you are a digital marketer or a content writer or anyone who wants to produce impressive contents, this product is a must to have a product for you. Let’s explore.


Using Writing Assistant is so easy. In order to use it, simply login to your Multilings account here:
https://multilings.com. Once logged in you will see an interface similar to this (keeps changing).

Click on the “Writing” tool from the left navigation of this screen. This will open the page same as left.

Once you are on this page, simply click on the tool you want to use or find your tool by searching from the search box or clicking on the sorting option. Once you click on your desired tool you wanted you use, you will be presented by a new screen of that tool which sill simply ask you some basic info and then your content will be generated. Suppose, I click on “Creative Stories” to create a unique story for my audience, I will click on the “Creative Stories” tool and here is the screen it showed me:

Now, I will just fill out some information and click on the Generate button to generate a new content. For example, I want to generate a story about true friendship for the audience teenagers, tone encouraging and story type adventure. I set all that and then I put the short description as “Write a story about three true friends who wanted to help each other and climb a mountain” for that story and clicked on the Generate button. Here is the result.

This is the landing page where you see all our Writing Assistant tools available. You also have lots of other features on this page, for example, you can sort the tools based on the sorting categories like “ALL”,”SEO”, “DIGITAL MARKETING” etc. You can also sort by making your tools favorite. Simply click on the heart sign and then that tool will be listed as favorite and then whenever you visit this page in future, your favorite tolls will be listed on the top of this listing.

Once the content is generated, you can further edit it, rephrase it, and save it


Here is the list of tools we are currently offering under Multilings Writing Assistant product.

Generate Articles


Generate Titles

Generate Summaries

Generate Essays

Generate Emails

Social Media Posts

Creative Stories

Generate Product Descriptions

Press Release

Generate About Us

Generate Business Names

Sales Pitch

Tone Checker

Short Video Script

Generate Product Names

Generate Startup Ideas

Generate Headlines

Generate Testimonials/ reviews

Generate Meme

Generate Rhyme

Generate Tagline/ slogan/ hookline

Generate Ads

Generate Meta Descriptions

Generate Paragraphs

Generate Hashtags

Generate SEO Keywords

Generate How it works

AI Chat Bot

Landing Page

Generate Short video script

Amazon product descriptions

Compare products/ services

Amazon Product features

Marketing Ideas

FAQ Generator


Before after bridge framework

Engaging Questions

Video Captions

YouTube video Descriptions

More Coming Soon


You can always request a new tool by clicking on this link. We will make sure to work on your Wishlist tool and launch it in near future.