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1. Article of these Conditions

These Terms of Use define the terms and conditions of use of the online services offered by the hosting provider to users using software from the publisher.

2. Ownership, Licensing and Use

Multilings is the publisher, designer, author and owner of the pages, interface and functions related to Multilings software products and online services.

The interface and all its components, methods and designs are the exclusive property of Multilings. Translation engines and other components are the property of Multilings and its partners. They are protected by international copyright laws, applicable in all countries that have signed international copyright agreements.

The User is authorised to use the online service only for his personal needs and not to give access or provide the service to other people. The online service is neither a transfer of ownership nor a license for software.

3. Copyright of documents and processed texts

Before submitting a document to the online services, the user must ensure that he is authorized to do so. He must be either the author of the document or have the written permission of the copyright owner. Neither the hosting provider nor the publisher would be responsible if this clause were not respected.

The user acknowledges that the processed text belongs jointly to the author of the original document and the publisher. Therefore, the user is not allowed to publish, give access to other users or use commercially, the processed texts without a preliminary written agreement of the publisher or the hosting provider, which itself would have been granted with the same right by the publisher.

In particular, the User is not allowed to publish on social networks or any other public communication channel, the result of a text processing in order to harm the image of Multilings.

4. User commitments

The User undertakes to use the online service in accordance with the international laws and its country in force, and according to all the clauses of these conditions.
The User undertakes to ensure that the documents submitted to the service do not contain any software viruses or malware or do not exceed the size accepted by the service.
The User undertakes to report any word processing that he would find erroneous or shocking via the contact form available on the Multilings website.

5. Applicable Laws and Acceptance of these Terms

By using the online service, the User accepts these conditions, without any restrictions.
The provisions of these Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time without notice. The hosting provider therefore invites the user to consult this page frequently.
These conditions are governed by French law. In the event of a dispute concerning its interpretation and/or enforcement, only the French courts will have jurisdiction.
The duration of this agreement is linked to the duration of use of the online services or their results.

6. Billing, Cancellation, & Refund Terms

If you have enrolled in our paid subscription service, your subscription will automatically renew monthly; you will be charged monthly until your subscription is cancelled. These charges will be made automatically to the card that you provided to us during enrollment. Receipts for all future monthly payments will be made available for download from within the Billing section of your Dashboard; no additional receipts or billing notifications will be sent. If for some reason your monthly payment cannot be processed, your subscription will be cancelled and your access to Multilings will be discontinued. Multilings may notify you of problems with your credit card, but is not obligated to do so before cancelling your subscription. If your subscription is cancelled, you will still be responsible for all subscription amounts or other fees accrued at the time of cancellation.
Cancelling your subscription is easy and you are welcome to cancel at any time. You may cancel by going to the Billing section of the Dashboard and clicking the “Cancel” button and following the subsequent prompts. Alternatively, if for some reason you cannot access your account, you can also cancel by emailing our Support Team at hello@multilings.com and one of our associates will reach out to assist you. Cancellation requests may take twenty-four (24) hours to process. If you cancel, previous charges will not be refunded, but you may continue to use the service until the end of the period you paid for.

7. General Questions

Will my remaining account credits be carried over to the next billing cycle?
No. The remaining credits (character limits, tokens etc) will not be carried/rollover to the next period.
What if I upgrade my account, will be remaining credits be added to the upgraded account?
Yes. In case you upgrade your account during your current active month, all your remaining credits will be added to the upgraded account. However, from the next billing cycle, only the credits of the exiting plan will be allocated.
What if I upgrade from free trial to paid plan, will my credits roll over?
No. Once you come to the paid plan, your credits will be allocated according to your plan.