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Dear Users,

As a promise, we are always committed to about our continuous development of Multilings. This month is not any different, we have launched many new features, and tools and fixed some stability issues. Here are the details:

New tools and features

AI Chat custom prompts

Last month we launched the AI Chat engine and created the algorithm to give you the result based on your inputs. This month, we have made it more intelligent by giving you the option to create different predefined chat prompts for you and use them multiple times.

For example, if you are a dietitian and want to create a custom prompt to give you a diet plan for specific patients with specific diseases, symptoms, and physical conditions, now you can make this possible.

Moving your work to Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive

Now, you can send a copy of your saved reports from Multilings to Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive. With this feature, you can work locally in your cloud storage and keep the file as long as you want.

Filter option on report listing

We have added various filter options like report type, date, search box, etc to all the report listing pages. Now it’s very easy to find the correct report you are looking for.

Download the PDF option for all reports

We have added a download PDF option to all the saved reports. Earlier it was not possible to download the PDF version of plagiarism and other reports.

Paraphraser and Rewrite tool on various screens

we have included the paraphraser and Re-phraser toolbar on many of our content screens which will help you to rephrase the content if you want a change.

Added grammar checker on the plagiarism checking tool

We have added a rewrite and grammar checking tool to our plagiarism checker.

Project Tool

This is one of the most demanded tools from all users which we have just launched in this release. Now, you can create different projects for different clients or specific types of work. For example, if you are a digital marketing agency, you can create project folders for all your different clients. All your work done (reports) through different tools will be saved against the assigned project which you can refer to at any time. For example, if you want to generate an article and save for your XYZ client project, you can do it now.

In the next version – we will include some very important client-related settings to your projects which help you save time and effort to do specific tasks on Multilings.

To-Do Tool

Do not let your work slip from your schedule. Now you can create a calendar of work and schedule all of them as tasks. When clicking on the calendar you will have a glance at the current month and on the right panel, you will have a table of tasks lists.

In the next version – we will add more features like repeating a task, assigning it to another team member in the team, seeing the analytics, alerting on due dates, coloring to show past due dates, and so on. Stay tuned.  

Dark theme

Here is another request from our users. You asked, and we fulfilled. Now you can use Multilings in dark or light themes. Everything looks so beautiful and easy to work.

5 different language options for our dashboard interface

Now you have English, Spanish, French, German, and Hindi as our dashboard language options. Feel free to use your local language to make this platform easy to use. Currently, this language option is in the beta phase and we are working on some of the stabilities.

Many stability and layout issues and fixes – we have fixed lots of stability issues and worked on the performance enhancements. Now, the tool is more faster and responsive and gives you the optimum output for any of the tasks you perform there.

Thanks once again for reading this newsletter. Stay tuned for another month of updates coming in November 2023.