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Dear Users,

Once again, November 2023 was one of the busiest months for our developers. We have come up with lots of new features, stability fixes, and tools for you.

New tools and features

2F Authentication

This was one of the most requested security features from our users. Now, you can setup your 2FA by logging into your account and click on “Account” and then click on “Security”. Once you are on that page, just follow the on screen instructions to set your 2 factor authentication for Multilings.

API Access

Now, Multilings provides API access to all its paid users. The version 1 of the API is now live and can be utilized by any paid users who wants to connect with our API. We have also made an API document through Postman and API calls which you can test before using them practically in your environment.

Project Settings

Last month we had launched a new module called “Projects” which helped you to create separate projects for separate clients etc. This month, we have developed it more to now add specific settings into any project. For example, if you have a digital marketing project for a client. You know the client’s name, logo, brand tone, brand voice, brand keywords, and lots of other details. We have put these things in the project settings part which will help you to generate your content based on these settings without inputting them again and again on any of our tools specifically Writing Assistant.

AI Chatbot

We have worked on maturing the algorithm of our AI chatbot. Now it is more intelligent than ever and gives you more appropriate answers than before.

Todo changes

Many important UI and functional changes in our recently launched Todo tool.

Many stability and layout issues and fixes – we have fixed lots of stability issues and worked on the performance enhancements. Now, the tool is faster and more responsive and gives you the optimum output for any of the tasks you perform there. We have also worked on writing prompts, Save/ Copy button on all our writing tools etc.

Thanks once again for reading this newsletter. Stay tuned with another month of updates coming in November, 2023.

Thank you,