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Hello Everyone.

What major things we launched in this release:

  1. Overall UI updates
  2. New features and subproducts launched for Writing Assistant
  3. New product launched – Citation Generator
  4. New product launched – Plagiarism Checker

1: Overall UI Updates

A new dashboard interface when the user logs in to Multilings. This new dashboard gives you a quick way to start your new assignment or see the previously done assignments. 

A complete revamp of our Language Translation product. The new interface is very rich in terms of how you want to interact with.

The top bar is revised to show you where exactly you are in your Multilings Interface and also show you the characters left, new action buttons, etc.

Also, the reports (your saved work), are completely revised and customized to give your a very organized structure for your content. Now you can view your reports anytime, browse, download, etc.

2: Lots of new subproducts added to our Writing Assistant

Our most innovative ai-based content writing tool called “Writing Assistant” got a complete revamp to suit your content writing needs. Now whether you are a marketer, Journalist, doctor, professor, or freelancer – our Writing Assistant product going to help you a lot do your core writing work.

This is the landing page when you click on “Writing Assistant” from left navigation

From here you choose the type of assignments, and writing work you want to perform. It has 16 different types of sub-products to make sure you get what you want. 

Once you click on any sub-product, it opens a versatile interface, asks you for some instructions for the type of content you want to generate, and then it produces the result you were expecting from Multilings. 

Here is the screen to generate stories and so on.

Every sub-product (tool) for Writing assistant is made to achieve an objective you expect from that tool.

once the content (result) is produced, is saved under your account as reports and those reports can be viewed anytime or can be downloaded.

3. A completely new product to check the citation of any press release, web articles, blogs, websites/webpages, research papers, books, videos (YouTube and Vimeo), etc.

This also helps you to get the citation details in different formats like MLA, IEEE, etc.

4. A completely new product to check the plagiarism in your content

Now you can check the quality and originality of your content through our plagiarism checker before it goes to your customers or audiences and check if any part of the content is matching on the web anywhere. This way, it will help you to keep your content as original as you can.

Thank you, for reading our release article. We are going to work in a more innovative way to develop more and more useful features, enhance user experience and add new tools, etc in the coming days. Support us as you are doing for this great work of ours. In case you have any wishlist feature or missing feature to add to any of our products, feel free to write us an email at support@multilings.com