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Multilings primary focus is to facilitate its users to generate and modify the content to make it impressive and powerful to its audience and increase conversions. We also do tremendous work towards digital marketing and have made various tools that will not just help Digital marketers generate some content but also organize everything, strategize the marketing plan, have the marketing calendar for the whole year, and then work as a team for their clients.

In this article, let’s read and understand how Multilings is innovating the way marketing works with its AI powered tools for content creators and features. 

Team: Setup your marketing team

If you are a marketing agency or have a team of marketers, you can set up the whole team on Multilings and create projects, to-dos, and various content-related work and share with each other. As an admin, you would also have the insights and analytics of the entire team.

To-Dos: Setup the marketing calendar through our To-Dos

This is one of the newly launched features for all our customers. Now, you have a calendar view of all your To-Dos. The To-Dos just work like a task system and allow you to put the start date, end date, and priority, assign a project, and write a short and long description of it. This is one of the game-changer features for all the digital marketers these days who are working on AI-powered content generation tools. Multilings have taken a milestone in this regard.

See how great this To-Dos feature is from Multilings.

Projects: Setup client projects

Now as a marketing agency, you can either set a separate project for each client or you can do one parent project with lots of sub-projects based on how your marketing department works. The whole system of Multilings is built around the project system. Once you select your project after login into Multilings, you see or you do anything related to that selected project only. This helps Digital marketers to focus on their core work with fewer distractions and also keep it simple.

Now, you also have different settings in the project to make it more unique to your clients. You can set the Project Name, a short description, brand tone, target audience of the brand, common target keywords of the brand, Output language for your brand, and many other settings on our project dashboard. All these settings than further used to give you the best AI-powered output for any type of content you want to generate.

Here is the list and details of our Multilings tools which are best suited for any marketers of digital marketers who have different objectives to perform on a daily basis:

Blog or Article Writing

This tool helps you generate stunning blogs and articles for any of the subjects you choose. You only need to give some small instructions to the AI-powered writing tool and then bravo! Your article is generated based on instructions and our powerful behind-the-scenes AI algorithms.

Once the article or blog is generated by Multilings AI-powered Writing Assistant tool, you can further edit and optimize your content through our beautiful editor and make it super rich for your audience. You can further download the PDF or just copy and paste to any editing programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs etc.

Tagline/ Slogan/ Hookline

Whether you want to generate a tagline, a slogan, or a hook line for any of the products you planning to launch for your clients or anywhere in the middle of a content, just use this Tagline tool to generate it. A small but very good tool to quickly give you a a powerful line of words

Landing Pages

As a digital marketer, one of your responsibilities is definitely to launch lots of landing pages, and its always a hectic job to produce content for these pages. With our AI-based writing assistant tool, you can generate content for any landing pages with HTML and graphics as well and then quickly publish them to your website. We have so much appreciation for this tool and one of the biggest appreciations is about saving 75% of content planning, thinking, writing, and publishing time for any new pages. Let us know how you like this tool.

Marketing Ideas

Struggling to get a new idea to promote something or launch something in the market? This market ideas tool will help you generate support attractive yet converting ideas for any promotional thing you are looking for. Simply give some basic instructions about your marketing campaign and the next moment you have a deal-breaking idea from the Multilings Marketing Ideas tool.

Sales Pitch

When you are out of ideas or already have some details in your mind about how to do the next sales pitch for something, use our Multilings Sales Pitch tool to create and generate some great sales pitches that will help you in converting sales for sure. You will need to give basic details about what type of sales pitching you are looking for, who the audience and where the market is, and then you can produce some great sales pitches to help you pitch for that particular product or service you want to launch.

Social Media Posts

This Social Media Posts tool from Multilings Writing Assistant will help you create content for a post for any of the big social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. The social media posts tool take care of the proper length required for different types of post and help you save time in writing and generating the posts.


Discover the ultimate ad content tool that helps you generate ads based on your company products and focus on platforms like Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. You only need to provide some instructions to our AI-based system and the next moment your ad content will be generated. Stay tuned for our next version of the Ads tool where we are going to include image-based advertisements and banner and flyers creation. More coming soon.

AI Chat Bot

Don’t find something which you are looking at Multilings? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with our powerful AI Chatbot which will help you generate any type of content you are looking for. You desire we fulfill that content thing for you. You can also create some prompts that you can reuse. For example, if you want to generate a motivational text every day based on some specific audience and categories, simply create the prompt and then next time whenever you want to generate that motivational text, simply click on the prompt you created, and your content is now generated.

Stay tuned for our latest updates and newsletters. We are launching some great tools and powerful features every month.

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