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Writing Assistant : Generate Summeries

What is Generate Summaries tool under Writing Assistant?

“Generate Summaries” is a tool inside our Ai-Powered Writing Assistant product. If a user of Multilings already have content or instructions and want to generate a summary for that content for their audience, Generate Summaries tool is going to help them produce a summary based on their content, audience type, tone, language etc. The set of AI features and our in-depth algorithm makes this Generate Summary tool very useful for our users.

Who is this for?

Multilings Works

This tool is for everyone whether you are a student, teacher, professor or primary school student who knows how to work on the computer. This tool helps you generate titles based on any type of content and give you the optimum result. Just input some information and get what you wanted.

This tool is best suitable for blog writers, authors, digital marketers, ecommerce directors as well as students. Get your paraphrasing done in a fraction of second.

Features of “Generate Summaries” tool

Generate summaries based on any content you have.

With just one content input, you can get more than one output for the summaries.

You can choose the Language, quality, audience, tone of the content.

You can input keywords to make Generate summaries tool output more powerful.

Once summaries are generated, you can further edit and save your changes.

You can download the generated content as a pdf .

Every time you generate summaries, it is saved as a report inside your account which can be referred anytime.

How does “Generate Summaries” tool work?

Step 1

Once you login to Multilings, click on “Writing Assistant” from the left navigation. This will show you a screen to choose a tool to continue working on Writing Assistant. Choose “Generate Summaries”.

Step 2

This is the first screen you will see after clicking on “Generate Summaries”. Select or choose the best option to fit your content for example, you can choose output language, no of results, Quality, target audience, tone. You can also input some keywords relevant to your content.

Step 3

Now, under “your content” box, input your content which you want to Generate Summaries. Once you input the content, simply click on Generate.

Step 4

This is the screen after your content regenerated i.e. summaries produced. Now you can further edit or save it for your future use. You can also download the content as a PDF or Word format.

That’s it. If you are a content writer, a teacher or a student, this Generate Summaries tool is going to save 75% of your time and give you the most impactful content based on your subject, keywords and audience settings. It’s a win win for you.

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