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To-Dos is the newest feature added to Multilings’ product line. To-Dos are generally tasks that you add and schedule to perform. You can create different to-dos (tasks) and assign it to different dates, priorities, and clients.
As an agency, it’s your one-stop snapshot of what is happening for any client at any moment in time. You can also create repeated to-dos (coming soon). 

When you click on “To Do” from the left navigation, you see something similar to the image on the left box. On the first half you see the calendar at a glance with all the to-dos while on the other side of the screen, you see a list of to-dos with their client, priority, project, and deadline assigned respectively.

Features of "ToDO" tool

Create a to-do and assign it to the client’s project

Set the priority of the to-dos

Set the start and end date of the to-dos

Assign it to a team member to perform (only in the team plan, coming soon)

Create a repeated to-do (coming soon)

Download the PDF of the overall To Do calendar based on the date range (coming soon)

How does “ToDo” tool work?

Step1: Login to your Multilings accounts

Once logged in, click on the “To-Dos” link from the left navigation.

Now on the right side you will see an interface to manage your calendar and to-dos.

To add a new To Do simply click on “Add a To Do” and follow the on-screen information.

ToDo feature FAQ

What is a “To Do” in Multilings?

To-Do is a type of task that you create to handle. A to-do can be a task related to any client or it can be your own personal task or a routine task.

Can I assign a specific project to a To Do?

Yes. You can assign a specific project to each and every To Do. You can also set the priority and set a start and end date to perform that.

Is the To Do feature free to use?

Yes. The to-Do feature is absolutely free to use. However, there are some options which are only available to paid users. For example, assigning the To Do a specific member can only be done if you are on a Teams plan.

How can I download a To-do list as a PDF?

It's coming soon.

Can I assign team members to a To Do?

It's coming soon.