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Now in Multilings, you can create a project that not only works as a folder but also has lots of information related to your project. As an agency or an individual, you can create as many projects as you want.

Features of "Projects" tool

Create as many projects as you want

Have different settings for your projects based on tone, voice, keywords, etc.

Have all your reports (work) saved against the desired projects.

You can archive a project once it is completed

You can assign the project to your team members

How does “Projects” tool work?

Step1: Login to your Multilings accounts

Once logged in, click on “Projects” from the left navigation.

Now you will see the project dashboard is showing. You can see your existing projects and shared projects here and you can also create a new project from here.

Simply click on the “Create New Project” button and provide the information.

Once information is given, click “Create Project”.
Your new project is created now.

Projects feature FAQ

Is the project option available for free users?

Yes. As a free user, you can use the Project option to have all its settings and features unrestricted on your account. The only thing you can't do is to assign the project to team members because the team members feature is the part of “Teams” subscription only. To get the teams feature, please upgrade your account.

How I can share Projects with my team members?

First, make sure that your subscription is for our Teams plan. Once confirmed, simply go to your project, click on the desired project, and you will see the settings option for the project, from there you can assign that project to multiple team members.

Can I suggest some more features to include in the project system?

Yes of course. Feel free to suggest us as many features as you want. We will definitely try to incorporate them in our future releases.

Can change to color of the project folder?

In the current version, you can not change the color of the folder however soon we will make this feature available for you.

How can I archive a project?

Hover on the project and you will see an “Archive” button. By clicking and confirming, your project will be archived. You can restore an archived project at any point in time.